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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Derbyshire and Beyond

Embracing the Future of Green Motoring with Electric Cars

As the world turns its focus towards more sustainable transportation options, we are proud to offer cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) charging point installations in the Belper, Duffield, Allestree and Quarndon area of Derbyshire.

At the heart of our services is a commitment to environmental preservation. Electric cars, with their zero-emission profiles, are a beacon of hope in the fight against climate change. Our domestic electric vehicle charger point installations ensure that your journey towards sustainable transportation begins within your own four walls.

EV Charging Systems

Diversity in options is key to meeting the unique needs of every individual. That's why we are pleased to offer installations for a range of reputable electric vehicle charging point brands:

EASEE chargers are advanced electric vehicle charging stations known for their user-friendly design, smart connectivity, and efficient charging capabilities.

HYPERVOLT: Synonymous with cutting-edge technology and reliability, HYPERVOLT charging points ensure a seamless charging experience for your electric car.

POD POINT: As a market leader, POD POINT brings innovation and convenience to the forefront of EV charging, catering to both residential and commercial installations.

PROJECT EV: Designed with a focus on efficiency and user-friendliness, PROJECT EV charging points are a testament to modern engineering excellence.

MY ENERGI: Renowned for their sustainable energy solutions, MY ENERGI charging points align perfectly with the eco-friendly ethos of electric vehicles.

Join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow. Choose JIH Electrical for reliable, efficient, and future-ready EV charging point installations in the Belper, Duffield, Allestree and Quarndon area of Derbyshire and the surrounding areas.

EV electric vehicle charger installation Derbyshire

The EV Charging Installation Process

Installing a domestic electric vehicle (EV) charging unit involves several steps to ensure a safe, efficient, and reliable charging solution. Here's an overview of the typical process:

Assessment and Planning

Site Visit: We will visit your home to assess the location for installation. Factors like consumer unit capacity, proximity to the parking area, and necessary permits will be evaluated.

Selecting the Charging Unit

Choose a Charger: Based on your EV model, daily driving habits, and available electrical capacity, you'll select a suitable charging unit. Consider factors such as charging speed (Level 1, Level 2, or DC fast charging), connector type (e.g., Type 1 or Type 2), and any smart charging features.

Electrical Upgrades

Consumer Unit Capacity Check: JIH Electrical will determine if your existing consumer unit has sufficient capacity to handle the new charging unit. If needed, upgrades to the consumer unit or the installation of a sub-consumer unit may be necessary.

Wiring and Circuit Installation: A dedicated circuit with the appropriate amperage and voltage will be installed to support the charging unit. This may involve running new wiring from the consumer unit to the charging location.


Mounting the Unit: The charging unit will be securely mounted on a suitable surface, typically near your parking area. Wall-mounted units are common for residential installations.

Wiring Connections: We will connect the charging unit to the dedicated newly installed circuit, and ensure the installation meets the current wiring regulations.

Smart Features: If your charging unit has smart features, like remote monitoring or scheduling, these will be set up during installation.

Testing and Certification

Electrical Testing: We will conduct thorough testing to ensure the charging unit is functioning correctly and safely. Certification: Once the installation is complete and meets all safety standards, the unit will be certified for use.

The unit will be certified for use and an Installation certificate issued.

Final Steps

Education: We will provide you with a walkthrough of how to use the charging unit, including any smart features or apps associated with it.

User Manuals: You'll receive user manuals and documentation for your charging unit.

Warranty Information: Details about warranties and ongoing support will be provided.

Ongoing Maintenance

Routine Checkups: Periodic maintenance and inspections may be recommended to ensure the charging unit continues to function optimally and safely.

Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues with the charger, one of our engineers will be contactable for support and a site visit will be made if required.

Getting Your EV Charging Unit Installed

It's essential to hire a qualified and experienced electrician or charging station installer to ensure a proper and safe installation. The process may vary slightly based on your specific circumstances and the charging unit you choose, but these steps provide a general outline of what to expect when installing a domestic electric vehicle charger unit.

Call us now on 07964 552728 or email enquiry@jihelectrical.co.uk to find out more.


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James and his colleague were really helpful and thorough. They did all the review checks needed and took the time to explain different issues and queries for us. They sent us the certificate and recommendations needed really quickly and will be helping us with further work as needed.

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Excellent communication re: arranging the job. Gave great advice and recommendations. Job was carried out quickly but thoroughly. Very tidy work, will happily use JIH Electrical again in the future, and recommend to friends/family. Thanks James!

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